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The Tales of Greybriar House

A blog from a concerned mother, 2018.

My name is Mrs. Datsun Fairlady, mother of two, and we’ve just recently moved to a new home on Willow Lane. We received a warm welcome from the neighbors during our first week in the neighborhood, but something seemed…off.

My husband and I heard a rumor about a house (or maybe it’s a manor) nearby called the Greybriar House. And let me tell you, the stories of this house are entirely out of this world.

I was at the supermarket when I heard the first rumor. One of the more batty moms in the area (lets just call her Betty) told me that the house is a well known hook-up spot for teens, and that I should be careful to watch my kids…the nerve.

Either way I decided to look into it myself and what I found was pretty disturbing. As a full-time mother, I can only do so much with the time I have, but if its a matter of my children’s safety, I’ll make time for it.

Apparently a few years ago, some teens went missing after using the house to do what teens do in secret, and their bodies were discovered in the street a week or so later, mutilated and beaten. Apparently, somebody was home at the Greybriar House that night, and made them pay for their trespassing.

All of this is very unsettling to me, I mean my children are 15 and 17 years old! Who knows what type of stories they hear and what it may encourage them to do.

I’m sending this PSA out to all mothers in the area: Please, keep your kids away from the Greybriar House. I’m not entirely sure what crazy stories about its past are true, but even if a single one of them were true, it’d be reason enough to stay away. Nothing good could come of it.

Always yours truly,

Mrs. Datsun Fairlady

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