Why the Ford Mustang is the Best Car Ever Made

Photo is the property of George DeShurley

Every time I see this photo, I’m amazed.  This car is truly iconic, and has an incredible history, but what makes this car special for me is the feeling that I get whenever I see it.

Every model of the Ford Mustang is beautiful and reflects the point in time it was created.

The 70’s Mustang is all about American muscle, and its bold and striking angles and sweeping curves reflect that flawlessly.

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What Coffee Means to Me

Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

Joe, Mud, Java, Cuppa, Go Juice, Cupped Lightning, C8H10N4O2. These are just a few names for the world’s most popular morning beverage: Coffee.

If you’re like me, you’re useless in the morning before that first cup of coffee, but as soon as that sweet and savory bean juice hits your tongue, all systems are GO.  But coffee isn’t just an energy boost for me in the morning; it represents something much bigger than that.

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Arezzo, Italy – The Jewel of Toscana

I bought a new camera before embarking on my year-long study abroad adventure. As an amateur photographer with amateur gear, I decided to upgrade to something that would allow me to capture all of my favorite moments.

I studied in Arezzo, Italy. The town of Arezzo is similar in size and population to Norman, and is located in central Tuscany. Sounds horrible doesn’t it? The landscape was by far the most beautiful I’d ever seen in my life, and these photos do not do it justice. However, out of the 10,000 photos I took during my time abroad, this one is my favorite.

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The Culture of Cast-Iron Cooking

Image is the property of Cooks Illustrated Magazine

Cast-iron is just about as intimidating a piece of cookware can get. It frightens children, strikes fear into the hearts of brave men and bashes the faces of burglars the world over.  Despite the obvious heft of a cast-iron pan, it IS actually more than just a weapon.

Cast-iron pans have many attributes that make them special. They are the absolute best piece of cookware for searing meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, anything. They simply rock at making things crispy, crusty and crunchy. Continue reading “The Culture of Cast-Iron Cooking”

Creative Writing Assignment

The Tales of Greybriar House

A blog from a concerned mother, 2018.

My name is Mrs. Datsun Fairlady, mother of two, and we’ve just recently moved to a new home on Willow Lane. We received a warm welcome from the neighbors during our first week in the neighborhood, but something seemed…off.

My husband and I heard a rumor about a house (or maybe it’s a manor) nearby called the Greybriar House. And let me tell you, the stories of this house are entirely out of this world.

I was at the supermarket when I heard the first rumor. One of the more batty moms in the area (lets just call her Betty) told me that the house is a well known hook-up spot for teens, and that I should be careful to watch my kids…the nerve.

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The Wheels of The Southwest Car Show

Visitors attended the Wheels of the Southwest car show in Prague Saturday where a 1971 Fastback Mustang took home the top prize. 

According to event coordinator Marilyn Davis, Judges evaluated 53 vehicle classes, which is more than most car shows. The show’s popularity has grown in recent months, as Davis has already organized eight shows this year with several more planned down the line.  

“I’m very excited to see so many people enjoying a taste of Oklahoma car culture,” Davis said. The range of vehicles competing at this event would satisfy even the most dedicated car lover. From several iterations of classic American muscle cars, to a trio of restored Chevrolet Bel Airs; nearly every segment of car culture was represented.  

A trio of beautiful Chevrolet Bel Airs wait to be judged. They competed in the Classic Sedan Class. George DeShurley

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My Experience at a Korean Roman Catholic Church

I arrived at the Korean Roman Catholic Church at 10:50 a.m., 10 minutes prior to the start of Mass. The small building looked unimpressive compared to the monstrous Assembly of God megachurch just across the street. However, as soon as I opened the front door, I felt as if I had stepped into an entirely new world.  

The entrance hall was dark, dank and abandoned. I stood around awkwardly for a few minutes, fingering through the pamphlets on a table, all of which were in Korean. At this point, I was sure that I was at the wrong church, but then I saw someone around the corner in a small kitchen preparing vegetables. This person, a woman, shouted something at me in Korean and then hurriedly ushered me into the chapel.  

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Lens Comparison: Rokinon 12 mm F/2.0

This is the Rokinon (Samyang) 12 mm f/2.0 lens. It’s a manual focus wide-angle lens that’s ideal for casual landscape shooting, and the manual controls give it a nice ‘vintage’ feel.

This lens is by all means a budget lens, at only $300. That being said, the manual focus, manual aperture and fixed focal length definitely make it a niche lens that’s not going to fit everyone’s needs.

Regardless, I’m posting about this because, through a confusing series of events, I ended up with two of these lenses.

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Fallout 3: A Game Designed to Distract its Players

Warning: This article contains images of graphic violence.

The Lone Wanderer emerging from Vault 101.

The year is 2277, 200 years after the Great War that brought the entire world to its knees. You emerge from Vault 101, an underground survival bunker, into the Capital Wasteland. You’re blinded by the sunlight as you make your way downhill to take in the landscape. A post-apocalyptic, radiation-riddled Washington, D.C. greets you.

This is the setting of Fallout 3. In a universe where the Cold War never ended, and where resource wars drove world powers to the breaking point, world-war was imminent. Finally, on October 23, 2077, the bombs fell. Continue reading “Fallout 3: A Game Designed to Distract its Players”