Creative Writing Assignment

The Tales of Greybriar House

A blog from a concerned mother, 2018.

My name is Mrs. Datsun Fairlady, mother of two, and we’ve just recently moved to a new home on Willow Lane. We received a warm welcome from the neighbors during our first week in the neighborhood, but something seemed…off.

My husband and I heard a rumor about a house (or maybe it’s a manor) nearby called the Greybriar House. And let me tell you, the stories of this house are entirely out of this world.

I was at the supermarket when I heard the first rumor. One of the more batty moms in the area (lets just call her Betty) told me that the house is a well known hook-up spot for teens, and that I should be careful to watch my kids…the nerve.

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5 Step Critical Process of a Media Artifact


This is a print ad for the Apple II PC.  “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” is read in black font on the top-center portion of the ad. On the bottom-center portion of the ad it reads “Introducing Apple II, the personal computer.” In the center there is a red apple. All of these elements are imposed on a solid white background.


The black-on-white text is simple and easy to read. The text also guides the reader to the apple at the center of the ad. The apple is pristine, unblemished and alone. This is a minimalist ad that focuses on simplicity. Continue reading “5 Step Critical Process of a Media Artifact”

Convergence and Mobile Media

What role do mobile devices play in media convergence, and what significant mobile milestones can you think of?

Having grown up during the explosion of the Digital Age of media has allowed me to witness the evolution of traditional media into what we see today. Released on June 29th, 2007, the Apple iPhone was definitely ahead of its time. It allowed you to take calls, listen to music, surf the web, watch videos and play games, all with a simple, natural-feeling touch gesture on a pane of glass.

The iPhone made enormous waves in the industry that we can feel today, considering that every smartphone that has been made since has followed Apple’s design protocol to the letter. Continue reading “Convergence and Mobile Media”

What drives my interest in media?

Flashbacks arcade, Seaside Heights, NJ, 7/25/09 - 8 of 20

The question that drives my interest in media is this: how do modern instances of new media in the digital age affect social behavior in the real world? Ingrained in our society are the gadgets and gizmos that provide us with instant communication, entertainment, news, and a level of cultural ambiguity and involvement that humans haven’t been able to achieve before the 21st century.

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