Arezzo, Italy – The Jewel of Toscana

I bought a new camera before embarking on my year-long study abroad adventure. As an amateur photographer with amateur gear, I decided to upgrade to something that would allow me to capture all of my favorite moments.

I studied in Arezzo, Italy. The town of Arezzo is similar in size and population to Norman, and is located in central Tuscany. Sounds horrible doesn’t it? The landscape was by far the most beautiful I’d ever seen in my life, and these photos do not do it justice. However, out of the 10,000 photos I took during my time abroad, this one is my favorite.

The distant peaks of Arezzo, Italy. George DeShurley

This is the view from the top of the old Medici Fortress next to Passeggio del Prato Park in the historic center of Arezzo.  It overlooks the beautiful valley that Arezzo rests in and shows off the peaks and hills of the surrounding mountains.

Photography is important to me because it allows me to capture and share the majesty and magnitude of the things that are important to me, just like this view.  The following are several of my favorite photos from different parts of Arezzo.

Venti Settembre, the street I walked daily to get to class. The hill is much more intimidating on the way back up. George DeShurley
A skull sculpted from stone. Truly incredible detail. George DeShurley
The one-handed statue has a great story behind it, but one that isn’t very appropriate for this blog. George DeShurley
Nonno e Nipotina in the Medici Fortress. George DeShurley
Intricate Stained Glass inside Il Duomo Cathedral. George DeShurley
A local woman taking in the view. George DeShurley

Each one of these photos means something to me, and I hope that they tell their stories well. Pick up a camera and capture the moments that are important to you.


All photos were taken by and are the property of George DeShurley © 2018

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